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Eddie Torres Film Composer, Music Producer and Musician. An International multi Award Winning Film Composer.

Eddie has also received nominations in the USA & Europe.  Eddie’s vote counts for both the Grammy and Latin Grammys in four categories 


Like a long, soulful riff, Eddie Torres’ lifelong love affair with music began years before he became a music producer or Film composer.


It began on the streets of Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood.


Eddie was nine years old when his father who he lost in 2021 while working on a feature film, put a $26 guitar in his hands. Ever after, he considered himself a musician.

By age 11, he was playing multiple instruments.


In his teens, he lined up gigs for his band: corporate events, weddings and fundraisers.


In between parking cars for Cubs fans and performing,


he began using second-hand recording equipment to piece together his own music.


By his twenties, Eddie worked a full-time job and produced music from his studio in Chicago at night. The round-the-clock demands took a toll so he chose his passion for making music, opening Rushing Wind Productions in 2002. After relocating to Chicago’s west suburbs, he constructed an acoustically-sound, stylish 1,000-square-foot home studio in 2007.


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“I’m here today, doing what I love and I believe in. Music changes the world. Every day is a blessing,” he says.


Eddie’s work spans the globe. From Jersey shore musicians to directing a live band in Peru to recording projects in Brazil, Israel, Puerto Rico and India, collaborators trust Eddie’s agility to embrace the cultural undertones inherent in a creative theme.


He has worked in many genres: Latin, contemporary jazz, pop/country, praise & worship, R&B. Eddie lifts creative artists to excellence, from the very famous – including a released track from an American Idol finalist – to everyday people with extraordinary talent. One look around Eddie’s studio tells a story: Walls are papered with endearing notes praising Eddie’s professionalism, tireless work ethic and musical imagination.


Eddie’s vote counts for both the Grammy Awards in four categories and the Latin Grammy Awards – no small feat considering The Recording Academy demands an impressive list of commercial credits to participate. He is a former board member for the Academy’s Chicago chapter (Gospel Task Force Committee).


Eddie's music can also be heard on some popular TV shows such Murder for Hire, License To Kill and the new relaunch or Super Nanny show on Life Time TV coming 2020.


Eddie’s deep faith and talent for dramatic musical effect has connected him with more than 20 Chicago-area churches from small congregations to mega-churches. In 2016, he received an award from Dunamis Life Church for his contribution to their music ministry. 



Expanding on his success in music, Eddie has produced radio and TV jingles for Telemundo, Del Ray Farms and TCF Bank. Eddie’s warm, rich voice is heard through his character Apple Peace in You Are Special and served as senior sound producer for the project. Most recently he scored the teaser trailer for a book sweeping the country, From the Barrio to the Board Room, by author Robert Renteria.



Eddie lives with his beautiful wife Juanita and has two children, Joshua and Alexa Lee in North Aurora, Ill.


What is one of Eddie’s most memorable projects? Producing and Co-writing the original track “Never Forgotten” with his daughter. The song, with bright overtones of reggae/pop, was inspired by the memory of people loved and lost and was used as the theme song for Crosses For Losses event in from of the White House In Washington, DC.


“My biggest success came  when I learned to let Go and let God”  says Eddie