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Eddie  Torres

Composer | Music Producer | All Things Music

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Eddie always strived for the next level of his musical journey, going from second-hand recording equipment to building his first music production studio, Rushing Wind Productions in 2001. Eddie Torres is a true virtuoso, showcasing his musical versatility by playing several instruments. His command over a range of musical tools adds depth and intricacy to his compositions, creating a symphony that reflects his multifaceted talent. Whether it's the keys, guitar, bass or percussion, Eddie's ability to fluently navigate various instruments contributes to the richness of his musical creations.

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Meet Eddie Torres, a Multi-Award winning film composer, music producer, and accomplished musician. With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, Eddie is not only a seasoned music professional but a distinguished Recording Academy (Grammys) voting member. His exceptional talent graced various platforms, including TV shows, renowned artists, and Popular streaming services such as HBO, HULU, Amazon, Apple, Spotify and more. Eddie is undoubtedly respected in his field for his agility to embrace cultural undertones and inherent them in his creative vision.

Located in the Chicagoland Area, Eddie Torres's musical mastery extends across a spectrum of mediums. Whether it's crafting the perfect musical backdrop for films, captivating tunes for radio, or infusing emotion into TV commercials, Eddie's talent knows no bounds in his studio. It has been the home to hundreds of musical projects such as Supernanny, Long Lost Family, Fast Foodies, Murder to Hire, License to Kill, and Inspirational Sounds on WGN Chicago and Comcast. From Contemporary Jazz to Country, TV jingles to entire film scores. As a Grammy voting member, Eddie Torres stands at the forefront of recognizing and contributing to the excellence that defines the world of music.

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