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Eddie Torres



Multi-Award winning composer and Recording Academy (Grammys) voting member.  Eddie Torres is a film composer, music producer, and musician who's work spans across the globe. With a massive list of projects and 30 plus years experience, Eddie is undoubtedly respected in his field for his agility and ability to embrace cultural undertones and inherent them in his creative vision. Beginning with his first score on a film Nawal the Jewel, Eddie has gone on to score several films and has stormed the industry receiving awards for Best Original Score.


A native of Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood, Eddie’s passion for music began when his father purchased him a $26 guitar at the age of 9. By his teen years, Eddie immersed himself in music by lining up music opportunities at local churches, corporate events, concerts, recording sessions and weddings. Eddie always strived for the next level of his musical journey going from second-hand recording equipment to building his first music production studio, Rushing Wind Productions in 2002.


Now located in Chicagoland suburbs, Eddie’s acoustically-sound, stylish, 1,500-square-foot home studio has been the home to hundreds of musical projects such as Supernanny, Long Lost Family, Murder to Hire, License to Kill, Inspirational Sounds on WGN Chicago and more. From Contemporary Jazz to Country, LongTV jingles to entire film scores, Eddie has become a master of his craft, always keeping his tireless work ethic, faith, and musical imagination as his foundation.


Eddie’s undying love for music would have never been possible if it weren’t for his father, Manuel Torres, who he lost in 2021. Through the adversity of losing his father, Eddie maintained his resilience and went on to win Best Original Score for Life Ain’t Like the Movies just 6 months after the passing of his father, a score he dedicates in his memory. Eddie is a loving husband and father to Juanita, Joshua, and Alexa, and just as his passion for music, his love for his family is a foundation for the work he does.

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